Greek Medicine Wallpaper

Original artwork by I just converted to a wallpaper.

I found this picture of Greek Medicine on And I decided to convert it to a wallpaper.

Why I am sad about Greece and future Greek Generations


First of all just so I can get it at there here is my life’s timeline: July 1983 – Born in Athens Greece. Grew up in Chalkida, Greece (beautiful) January 2003 – I moved to California for college. February 2008 – I move back to Chalkida,…

Why I left Sprint

I moved to the United States late 2003 and somewhere around 2004 I ended up switching up to Sprint and since then I have been a good customer with them. I have changed many phones with Sprint. I used to change phones every two years….

Nexus 5 with FreedomPop – first impression

About two weeks ago I was browsing a websites where deals are published and I saw a $199.99 price for an unlocked Nexus 5 and one year of free FreedomPop wireless plan. So today it arrived. I got home from work and the FedEx package…

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

Tzatziki Sauce Ingredients

One of my favorites things to eat back home was tzatziki with either pitta bread, or just bread, or with any dish. When I moved away I had to make it my self so this is my recipe. Ingredients 35.3 Ounce Fage Total 0% Greek…

Angela Davis Revolution

Revolution - Angela Davis

“When you talk about a revolutions, most people think violence, without realizing that the real content of any kind of revolutionary thrust lies in the principle and the goals that you are striving for – not in the way you reach them.” – Angela Davis

Why I use Google?


At this point of my life I think I am pretty close into converting my digital life (files, services, apps etc) synced somewhere on a Google server. Do not get me wrong, I really like Google but that is the sad truth. But how did…

The Cook

My brother barbecuing chicken kebabs

My brother barbecuing chicken kebabs.