Nexus 5 with FreedomPop – first impression

About two weeks ago I was browsing a websites where deals are published and I saw a $199.99 price for an unlocked Nexus 5 and one year of free FreedomPop wireless plan. So today it arrived. I got home from work and the FedEx package was there waiting for me to open.

Who is FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is a new interesting new company that is trying to promote a new style of wireless service where they use they Sprint Network for incoming and outgoing calls and they are routing everything else (yeah everything else even the text messages thru data so the minus on that is that for texting app you can use only their app nothing else) thru the data of the Spring Network and they are betting a lot on you using a lot of your WiFi when you are for example home, work, school, etc.

As far as their service right now I can’t say too much. My plan is to use this device with FreedomPop, as my secondary device for while, and see how it works out in my area. I know the Sprint Network in my area is not that bad because I do have Sprint right now and I have no major problems. If I end up liking FreedomPop I will stick with them and possibly port my old number with them, otherwise I will just transfer my Nexus 5 unlocked device to possibly Sprint.

I will have updates with how I feel about FreedomPop as I have some more experience with them so I you are interested in their service please do look them up on their web site they have some even free plans and some very very affordable plans so it might be a huge deal for you.

So stay tuned soon full review of the FreedomPop wireless service and on how the Nexus 5 holds as a device in 2015!

FreedomPop Website