Why I left Sprint

I moved to the United States late 2003 and somewhere around 2004 I ended up switching up to Sprint and since then I have been a good customer with them.

I have changed many phones with Sprint. I used to change phones every two years.

I remember having all the phones bellow (probably some more that I am forgetting right now)


A Loyal Sprint Customer

So all those years I had to deal with their messed up network where although they claim that they have the fastest network but most of the time you are stuck with some slow speeds. Also in the area I lived even the 3G network wasn’t that reliable as well. Even in my bedroom on half of the room I had no signal for no apparent reason.

I saw a very nice promotion online on slickdeals for a Nexus 5 Unlocked that I decided to get. The phone was coming with a free year of the FreedomPop service (check out my previous post about them). I ended up canceling the FreedomPop service and I was going to move the Nexus 5 to my Sprint account since it was an unlocked phone and here is where the fun part begins.


Sprint You Are So Wrong

So I called the Sprint customer service to activate my Nexus 5 and it seemed like everything was going smooth but here how the conversation went

Sprint: I am sorry but this phone cannot be activated with Sprint do you have another phone you can try?
Me: No why?
Sprint: This phone is not a Sprint compatible phone.
Me: What?
Sprint: Your device is not a Sprint compatible phone.
Me: It is a unlocked phone that had FreedomPop that runs off the Sprint Network.
Sprint: Yes but you didn’t buy it from us.
Me: Its an unlocked phone what do you mean?
Sprint: We do not activate phones that are not bought from us even if they are factory unlocked. Anything else I can help you with?
Me: No!
(Hang Up)



Shocked. Hunting for a new service.


When I hang the phone I was shocked. How will a company set such rules? My idea was I have to port my number and find a new service. I started doing some research and I ended up buying a Straight Talk activation kit online.

Once it arrived I activated my phone with the AT&T compatible sim card (it runs off the AT&T network) porting my number with them was a breeze and also. I am paying a 45$ a month (which is way cheaper for what I was paying with Sprint) and I have unlimited minutes & texts and since I did th  BYOD (Bring your own device) I have 5GB of LTE speed and I am as happy as ever. I have LTE almost all over my town (when with Sprint I was happy having an ok 3G signal before)

So thank you for that gift Sprint!